How to Answer Why Mckinsey, Why BCG, and Why Bain

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Across all interviews, regardless of company, industry, stage, etc., you should be prepared with answers for what I call the “Three Whys”. These are: Why Me (Resume Walkthrough), Why the Role (Why Consulting), and Why the Company. In this article I will talk you through how to answer one of these in particular: Why McKinsey, Why BCG, Why Bain, i.e. Why The Role.

Now, remember that this is 1 part of our 3 part series. As a reminder, all of these questions can be asked in a range of ways, but, regardless of the way they’re asked, your prepared answer should be ready to meet their question. 

Breakdown of the various ways in which a candidate can be asked "Why Consulting", "Why the Company", and "Why Me"

Why The Company - Question Formats

Professional man in a suit pressing a question mark loaded with words like 'why', 'what', and 'how', representing questions including 'Why BCG?'.

In order to answer the “Why Our Company” question, you have to be able to identify it. It is unlikely the interviewer will simply say “So, Why BCG” or “Why McKinsey” or “Why Bain”. Rather, it might sound something like: 

  • What interests you about our consulting firm?
  • Can you explain why our company stood out to you during your job search?
  • What makes our firm a good fit for your career aspirations?
  • Can you share what led you to apply to our consulting firm?
  • How does our firm align with your career goals?
  • Why did you choose to interview with our consulting firm over others?
  • What do you find appealing about our firm’s consulting services?
  • What about our consulting firm’s culture or values resonates with you?
  • How do you see our firm supporting your professional growth?
  • Can you tell us what aspects of our firm’s work you’re most excited about?

How to Answer the Why The Company Question - Key Steps


  • Start with a “mini” why consulting answer, briefly outlining how/why you are interested in consulting
  • Then, bring out the key overarching reasons you are interested in the firm
  • Ensure that each reason incorporates 1) Company-specific values/traits  and 2) Ties back in some way to great traits/expertise that you have 
PowerPoint slide detailing strategies on answering the 'Why our company?' question, including key pointers for 'Why McKinsey?', 'Why BCG?', and 'Why Bain?'.

Why BCG - Sample Answer

I highly recommend you keep a shorthand version of your Why BCG, Why Bain, and Why McKinsey answers. This ensures you remember the essence and flow of your story.

Here is the actual layout and story I used for my Why BCG Australia answer:

Notes for answering Why BCG

From there, you can give a strong “why this company” answer. Here is my ‘Why BCG’ answer, which should also help you craft your ‘Why Bain’ and ‘Why McKinsey’ answer:

Why BCG example answer

Crafting Your Own 'Why McKinsey', 'Why BCG', and 'Why Bain' Answers

Street sign pointing towards 'answers', hinting at solutions to questions like 'Why McKinsey?', 'Why BCG?', and 'Why Bain?'.

While the top consulting firms are all similar in terms of the work they do, there are subtle differences in their cultures, values, and areas of expertise. When answering the question of why you want to work for a specific firm, it’s important to highlight these unique characteristics and explain how they align with your goals.

Why McKinsey

  • McKinsey is known for its rigorous feedback culture, where employees are given regular coaching and mentorship opportunities. 
  • McKinsey is the largest firm, with approximately 10,000 consultants, which can provide wider opportunities for networking and learning.
  • This lends itself well to McKinsey’s global staffing model, with more geographic flexibility and assignments for consultants.
  • Ultimately, McKinsey is optimal for those who value constant growth and global exposure.

Sample Call-Outs To Use for Why McKinsey


  • Employees at BCG have the opportunity to work on diverse problems across industries, allowing for broad skill development.
  • BCG emphasizes the importance of a positive societal impact, aligning with individuals who value contributing to a better world.
  • BCG is also recognized for its thought leadership in digital transformations and disruptive technologies, equipping its consultants with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.
  • BCG is known for emphasizing individuality and diversity, with each office having its own culture. BCG also has a strong commitment to developing and nurturing its people.
  • The firm offers a wide range of training and development opportunities, such as mentorship programs, workshops, and seminars
  • BCG is praised for fostering a collaborative environment that encourages personal and professional growth, making it a desirable choice for ambitious candidates.

Why Bain

  • Bain is known for its culture of teamwork and its motto “a Bainie never lets another Bainie fail.” If you’re drawn to an environment that fosters camaraderie and collaboration, this could be a key reason for your interest in Bain.
  • They have the deepest network with private equity (PE) and hedge funds, which provides unique exposure to financial industry projects
  • Bain is known for its strong commitment to client results and its particular focus on improving sales and reducing business complexity.
  • Bain & Company stands out for its supportive culture and emphasis on mentorship, fostering a nurturing environment for professional growth.
  • Bain is an excellent choice for those who value a supportive culture, direct impact, and a close-knit working community.

Key Things to Remember

Focused girl writing on a notepad next to a stack of books, researching answers to 'Why McKinsey?', 'Why BCG?', and 'Why Bain?'.

Avoid Generic Answers

One of the most common mistakes candidates make when answering the question of why they want to work for a specific firm is providing a generic answer. For example, you should avoid saying that you want to work for a prestigious firm or that you’re interested in consulting in general. Instead, find a way to articulate why you’re drawn to that particular company.

Craft a Narrative

To answer this question effectively, it’s important to develop a narrative that connects your past career experiences with your current motivations for wanting to work at a specific firm. This will help you to demonstrate that your decision is well-considered and that you understand how the company aligns with your goals.

Use Personal Connections

If you know anyone who works at the firm you’re interviewing with, feel free to naturally mention their name in your answer. This shows that you’ve taken the time to network and learn more about the company from actual employees, and that you’re genuinely interested in working there.

Do Your Research

While personal connections are helpful, you should also demonstrate your knowledge of the company by referring to specific reports, articles, or intellectual capital produced by the firm. This will show that you’ve taken the time to research the company and understand its work and values.

Keep Your Answer Concise

While it’s important to provide a detailed response to the question of why you want to work for a specific firm, it’s also important not to ramble. Aim to answer the question in one to two minutes, using the pyramid principle of putting your answer first and then providing supporting details.

And, of course, don’t forget our Behavioral Key Principles!

Key principles for effectively answering questions during your fit interview

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