The World of Frameworks


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The video in this course walks you through how to break down the most common types of business problems.  If we had asked you to create this presentation, it’s such common sense that even if you don’t come from a business background, it’s likely that you’d have come up with 80% of it on your own.  This provides the clue about how to use this video most effectively: pause it frequently to think about the concepts I’m presenting and how they fit with your life experience.
Your goal is to be confident that this is material you already know, not something you need to memorize or even think much about.  The terminology does not matter, it’s the logic behind it that does, and these concepts are in your brain available to be used at any time, just like 2+2=4.  Once you feel this is true, you’ll have mastered what is probably the most important building block to being a great consulting case interviewer.

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The World of Frameworks

  • The World of Frameworks