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    Get personal coaching with ex-BCG consultant and case coach Ian Glennon to master your interviews at top-tier consultancies worldwide.

100% Customized To You

A focused businesswoman with a wide smile working on her laptop, participating in an interview preparation coaching session at a cafe.

We have built a toolkit across 4,000+ coaching sessions. We use different tools in different ways to adapt to your strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. No two coaching sessions are the same because no two candidate journeys are alike.

Comprehensive Support Across All Interview Areas

Ian’s wide range of experience and expertise allows him to support you across numerous topics and fields, including, but not limited to applications, case interviews, powerpoint, specialist interviews (Tech, Energy, etc.) and even on the job coaching.

A focused, modern man working on his laptop, taking part in a case interview coaching session to enhance his interview skills.

Genuine Learning With an Experienced Interview Preparation Coach

Learn from a teacher, not just an ex-Consultant. Having taught Economics, French, Agile Methodology, and Casing, Ian knows how to create an engaging, learning-optimized experience.

Fully Customized Coaching

Each coaching session is fully customized to your needs.

Whether you need holistic support across the entire recruiting journey,
a crash course, or targeted training in specific areas,
we adjust to you as an individual.

An animation of a 1 on 1 interview preparation coaching session being conducted online through a laptop.
Networking Techniques
Network optimally to maximize your chances of getting interviews.
Resume and Cover Letter
Killer resume template, cover letter mass production, deep-dive review.
Case Interview
Frameworking, Market Sizing, Charts/Exhibits. Learn how to approach any case type successfully.
Fit Interview
Creating, editing, and implementing stories in a dynamic interview environment.
Written Case
Training and support in deck outlining, creation, and presentation.
Mock Interview
Realistic stress-testing with clear, actionable feedback.
Negotiations & On The Job
Get more $ through better negotiation. Navigate the challenging consulting world.

Package Options

Unsure which package fits best? Take our questionnaire to get your customized prep plan.


Let's find out what you need!


1 Session

Save 0% / Session


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3 Sessions

Save 10% / Session


/per session


6 Sessions

Save 15% / Session


/per session

Prepped & Primed

10 Sessions

Save 20% / Session


/per session

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What Candidates Say

Frequently Asked Questions


If I'm interested in coaching, when should I start?

We do highly recommend 1 coaching session early on. This sets the groundwork for future success. 1 hour spent early on can pay immense dividends later on (through more directed/focused study, a better mindset/approach to casing, etc.). The other benefit with a session early on is then we can create a tailored, customized plan for you. We can figure out together what works best given your starting point, background, timeline, etc. Of course, we’re flexible! Whether you’d like help from the beginning, help only when you’re stuck, or a final review/assesment closer to your interview, we adjust to you!

How many coaching sessions should I book?

This really depends on your background, timeline, amount of time you can dedicate on a daily/weekly basis, etc. The general rule is: the less your business background, the shorter your timeline, and the fewer the hours you have free in a day, the more coaching you should get.

Should I do the online course or 1:1 coaching?

The decision here is really up to you!

Of course, we’ve designed this course to optimally train you and give you the tools to train yourself.

That said, nothing in life can fully replace the benefit of 1-on-1 coaching and direct, tailored feedback. We highly recommend coaching in addition to the course, but the course itself is quite comprehensive and extensive.

How do coaching sessions work?

All you need to do is book a coaching session (or bundle) and we’ll keep track of how many sessions you have left! You can seamlessly book the sessions via the built in calendar.

How much notice is required if I need to change/cancel my session?

We just ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice! If you provide more advanced notice, reschedule is no problem at all. If you provide notice with less than 24 hours our default position is that the session must take place or it is null and voided.

I missed my session! What can I do?

Unfortunately, regardless of the reason, we cannot do anything about this. If you booked a time-slot on the calendar and committed to that time, so did we on our end.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, you can always contact us. Our team is always here to assist you and will respond promptly.

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Contact Us

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with an
answer as soon as possible.

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