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¹95% percent of fully dedicated candidates receive an offer. ~65% of candidates with an MBB interview receive an MBB offer.

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Richard S

Richard S.
Offer: Consultant

 Former: Schlumberger ( Engineer)

I strongly recommend Ian for the following 3 reasons: capability, reliability, and result-proven record. Thanks to him I got a BCG offer.

Firstly, Ian’s capability as a case coach is really impressive. He’s an outstanding consultant and an excellent case coach. Ian leverages his extensive experiences and knowledge gained from BCG and applies it to the learning examples and methods. As a result, his question, thinking process, and solutions were eye opening for me.

Secondly, Ian’s reliability is one among many coach characteristics I liked about him. He tailors your individual studying plan as he promised in the first session. In addition, he asks the right questions and finds the right approaches to meet your true demands, as well as grow your problem solving skills. As a result, you can trust Ian to make your case learning a fun and rewarding journey.

Thirdly, Ian’s result-proven record has amazed me in many aspects. As a result, both of my mindset and skillet has improved so much after his coaching. Moreover, other coachees who have received Ian’s help advanced to either better positions in preparation phase or offers from top consulting firms such as MBB. I highly recommend Ian and you will learn so much from him.

Karim L.
Offer: Project Lead

 Former: EY (Partner) 

Bassel A

Bassel A.
Offer: Consultant

Former: INSEAD (MBA)

Working with Ian has been an incredibly valuable experience. With his help, I was successfully able to secure an offer at Bain.

Within the first session, Ian was able to drill down on my casing weaknesses and build out a tailored plan on how to improve these deficiencies. Ian was able to explain structuring of cases in such a way that really allowed me to (1) structure any kind of case problem and (2) communicate that structure in a very purpose driven approach.

Even beyond just the casing experience, Ian provided me with an immense number of resources from how to improve the behavioral portion of interviews, to resume reviews and networking.

When things were getting tough for me with balancing both work and prep, Ian was able to sense this during one of our sessions and provided words of encouragement/pep talks which really went a long way – you need confidence along with skill in order to pass these interviews.

With most coaches, the relationship usually ends after the candidate either receives or gets rejected from a firm. But with Ian, he was still invested in ensuring that I would be able to successfully transition into the role at Bain and provided advice as to how I can succeed at the firm.
Thabang O

Thabang O.
Offer: Asscoiate (Consultant level)

 Former: Botswana Life (Actuary)

Ian is an amazing coach. First off, he is incredibly personable and someone that becomes not only a coach, but a friend throughout this process.

Ian is truly a fantastic case coach, not only for live case practice and preparation, but also for feedback on behavioral and fit questions. In casing practice, Ian provides key insights on how best to structure a framework for the case, the best ways to demonstrate case leadership, and build out structured ways to tackle tricky exhibit and math questions. He pushes you in unexpected ways, making you stronger for live interviews.

Ian’s attention to detail in reviewing your fit/behavioral questions sharpens their focus and ensures that you are answering the question that was asked, not the question you had prepared. As much as Ian helped with my casing, his assistance with the fit questions was just as impactful.

Never would I have imagined myself, prior to Ian, having such a performance. This is the best investment you can make!
Sophie T.

Sophie S.
Offer: Associate (Entry level)

 Former: Oxford (Bachelors)

After Ian’s coaching package, I got offers from both companies I interviewed with—BCG and Kearney.

Ian was an excellent coach. He approached both case and fit taking into account my personal needs and preferences.

Ian doesn’t just give a laundry list of feedback – he helps you improve. For example, when I had trouble with a case structure, Ian paused the case and gave me a few other questions to structure, thereby isolating the structuring skill  – this helped me figure out what the actual problem was and fix it.
Piotr L

Piotr L.
Offer: Consultant level

 Former: RWTH Aachen (PhD)

I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Ian -> of course it costs a little extra but it’s worth every penny. I’ve worked with coaches in the past and Ian was by far the best coach I have had.

During just the first session we covered: start-stop case, structuring + preparation plan, crash course plan + video materials. Not only did I receive both a McKinsey and BCG offer, but, importantly, working with Ian was fun and engaging.

Anna M.
Offer: Entry level

 Former: Columbia (Bachelors)

After the bundle coaching sessions with Ian I was successfully able to secure not just one, but TWO MBB offers!

Ian takes the time to diagnose your weakness areas and ensures you’re interview ready. I found this to be extremely effective versus typical coaches who provide a more cookie cutter approach. Ian also provides you with prescriptive homework to take away and further hone your skills between sessions.Ian was effectively able to do 3 things for me during our coaching sessions:

(1) breakdown my casing habits and figure out the root cause of any technical case elements I was struggling with

(2) build up the right technical habits needed to case well and

(3) build my confidence going into the interviews

I definitely wouldn’t have gotten an offer without Ian’s help and it was well worth the investment!

Malcom B.
Offer: Executive

 Former: J.P. Morgan (Director)


Arsalan B.
Offer: LDP I Consultant

 Former: NYU Stern (MBA)

Ha G.
Offer: Business Analyst (Entry Level)

 Former: Vingroup (Trainee)

I highly recommend Ian as your coach (for Application, PEI, Case Prep,… you name it). I started as an absolute beginner and was able to accelerate my MBB prepping process much much faster.

Prior to Ian, I purchased the course of another well-known program (~$600), and for two months I could not get started for the life of me, as I did not have a clear action plan and had no idea how to create it.

I saw myself improving only after 1 week with Ian. In 1 week I learned more than in 2 months using other programs and the internet. It does not matter how many YouTube/ MCP’s videos you’ve watched, nothing really compares with having a coach to put you on the right path, guide you from the beginning, and continue to support you along the way with any roadblocks. You’ll save yourself so much time and mental space. 

Hongmin C.
Offer: Associate (Consultant Level)

 Former: INSEAD (MBA)

After studying months by myself, I finally decided to get coaching and realized how much time I could have saved if I had just started earlier! One hour with Ian was easily worth 10 hours of prep by myself. Ian had an immediate impact on my casing and quickly showed me all the things I had been doing inefficiently (inadequate materials, wrong approach, etc.). I progressed more in 3 sessions than I had in 3 months.

The key to this program is the fundamental mindset shift that he guides you through, giving you the confidence to handle any interview situation. I went from having no idea what I was doing to securing my dream offer. Not only that, my performance during the interview was so good that the offer came back with unanimous approval from all of my interviewers.

Never would I have imagined myself, prior to Ian, having such a performance. This is the best investment you can make. Thank you Ian!

Devon R.
Offer: Entry level

 Former: UMass (Bachelors)

Ian is transformative. Last year, I tried to case prep on my own and got no offers from the top-tier companies (despite having interviews). However, after working with Ian this year I got all THREE MBB offers! 

Working with Ian was incredibly fun and rewarding. Ian put everything he had into getting me case ready, and he pushed me to be the best that I could be. He was tough and direct, but always respectful and supportive. I needed this. He truly taught me how to think like a consultant.  

As a bonus, I’ve been able to hit the ground running on the job itself thanks to the techniques I learned through our coaching.
Leonardo L.
Offer: Analyst (Healthcare)
 Former: Apex Capital (Analyst)
I would highly recommend Ian as an excellent coach! His 3 session coaching package helped me receive an offer from Alvarez & Marsal.

As a coach, Ian did an amazing job of:

1. Quickly identifying problem areas

2. Giving useful feedback based on evaluation criteria

3. Tailoring the approach using unique cases to bring the best caser / problem solver in you out.

I recruited last cycle and thought I had all of the basics down, but Ian’s coaching helped me improve significantly and realize which approaches/mindsets to preparing were actually effective.

Additionally, Ian provided many useful resources that I wouldn’t have had access to and he lays it all out in a very clear manner that made preparation much easier and faster. Finally, Ian was a great person to talk with and was accommodating when I had last minute schedule changes, which was very much appreciated. All in all, I would highly recommend!

Unlock Your Potential With Our Structured Approach

At Custom Case Coach, our case interview coaching program focuses on teaching you how to think like a consultant, not just memorize answers.


Our structured approach breaks down problems, enabling you to tackle any case type, interview situation, and job itself. With our program, you can minimize your preparation time, learn to focus and accelerate your interview prep, optimize your mindset, and gain the skills needed to tackle any problem.

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We believe that education is not just about learning specific topics, but also about acquiring the ability to learn. We understand that every candidate has a unique case interview preparation journey that requires a tailored solution. Let us help you customize your individual path to success.

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We understand that everyone has different learning styles, which is why we offer both the 360° course and coaching options.

Our goal is to provide you with the learning method that best supports your journey towards acing your case interview.

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Tailored, personalized interview prep:

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We get our candidates into top-tier consultancies all over the world such such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, The Big Four, and many more.

Meet Your Case Coach

My name is Ian Glennon and my mission is to offer the best interview prep for consulting candidates. I have combined my personal experience interviewing, my training at BCG, and my years of successfully coaching thousands of diverse candidates to create Custom Case Coach. This holistic program teaches candidates how to optimally approach casing, arming them with the preparation toolkit, mindset shifts, and customizable frameworks needed to tackle any case or interview they may encounter.


While pursuing my MBA at NYU’s Stern School of Business, I passed interviews for all 8 of the consulting and tech firms at which I interviewed, ultimately deciding to work at BCG.


Leveraging this experience, I have built a flexible, diverse arsenal of practical guides to help you prepare for your next career step. No matter where you are in the process or what background you have – we’ve got you covered!

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If you prefer self-study and want to cover the entire journey, the 360° course is the best option for you. Our course is designed to help you prepare for your case interview by providing video lessons, exercises, and your own preparation plan.

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Once you purchase a course, you will have access to it for 9 months. However, if we detect that you are sharing your account information with others, we reserve the right to revoke access.

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The decision is up to you! Our course is designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your case interviews. However, we highly recommend supplementing your learning with 1-on-1 coaching and feedback to maximize your chances of success.

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