360° Course

About Course

An end-to-end course designed to optimize your chances of getting an offer from your target consultancy, be it MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG), The Big Four, or boutiques.

The 360° course includes all components you need to succeed across the entire preparation journey.

What Will You Learn?

  • Optimize your chances of getting an interview through networking techniques, optimal office selection, cover letter mass production techniques, and a killer resume.
  • Get your interview preparation started right with a detailed preparation plan, 20+ industry deep-dives, and background knowledge content (topic deep-dives, real-world breakdowns, etc.)
  • Get an overview of the main screening tests run by the major consultancies (Imbellus + Online Assessments) as well as how to approach solving them and how to go about practicing for them.
  • Learn how to ace the case and solve any case prompt that comes your way. Master optimal techniques for solving cases effectively across frameworking, charts & exhibits, math, case leadership, etc.
  • Learn how to market size by understanding key concepts, approaches, and tips/tricks. Practice for yourself through a number of live exercises designed to provide you a diverse array of market sizing types.
  • Learn how to ace the behavioral / fit portion of the interview by building out your "Three Whys" and your personal stories - not to mention learning how to adjust/react to any question that comes your way.
  • Received an offer or two? Learn how to negotiate a better package, select between multiple offers, and, importantly, succeed on the job itself!

Course Content

Applications – Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Office Selection

Applications – Resume

Applications – Cover Letter

Applications – Networking

Interview Preparation – Preparation Plan

Interview Preparation – Background Knowledge (In Depth Topics)

Interview Preparation – Background Knowledge (Real World Breakdowns)

Interview Preparation – Background Knowledge (Business And Case Scenarios)

Screening Tests – McKinsey Imbellus

Screening Tests – Online Assessments

Case Interview – Introduction

Case Interview – Case Mechanics

Case Interview – Judgement and Insights

Case Interview – Structured Thinking (How to Framework)

Case Interview – Structured Thinking (Non-Business Prompts)

Case Interview – Structured Thinking (Classic Case Types)

Case Interview – Structured Thinking (Growth Prompt & Framework Exercises)

Case Interview – Structured Thinking (Profitability Prompt & Framework Exercises)

Case Interview – Structured Thinking (Unconventional Prompt & Framework Exercises)

Case Interview – Case Leadership

Written Case

Market Sizing

Fit Interview – Introduction

Fit Interview – The Three Whys

Fit Interview – Personal Stories


Offer Selection

Succeeding On The Job