Is Case Interview Preparation Coaching Worth the Investment?

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In today’s competitive job market, acing an interview is crucial for landing your dream job. That’s where an interview coach can provide a crucial edge. As the demand for top talent continues to rise, more and more candidates are seeking the services of professional interview coaches to gain an edge over their competition. Interview preparation coaching has become a popular choice for candidates looking to improve their performance in interviews and increase their chances of success. But is investing in interview preparation coaching worth it? 

Preventing Failure

It’s so important to consider how you would feel if you failed your interviews and did not do everything in your power to succeed.

I have coached hundreds of who have done it alone on their first attempt, only to fail the interview. They have then sought me as an interview coach, made the investment, and succeeded on their second attempt. There have been countless times candidates have told me they wish they had done coaching from the beginning and had regretted trying to do it by themselves. 

Think about what you would regret more: Not getting the offer and not having invested in coaching, or getting the offer and having invested in coaching.

Testimonial from candidate who used case interview coach Ian Glennon

Your ROI On Coaching

When businesses (and rational investors) make decisions, they often consider expected value. If we relate this to you landing your dream job, the expected value is upwards of $200,000. Let’s consider the value of coaching when considering the chances of success for the typical candidate (no coaching) vs my candidates success rate.

Typical Candidate Success Rate (MBB): 5%

Success Rate of My Candidates (MBB): 65%

Value of Outcome: $200,000…just 1st year, the lifetime value of this offer is substantially more

Cost of Coaching: Between $300 and $3k 


Let’s say for example, you go with the top tier coaching package, because you want top tier results. That would cost $2k. Now let’s say you’re successful, what do the figures look like?

$200,000 – $2,000 = $198,000. 

This provides you an ROI ratio of 99:1. 

Of course, we did not even consider the signing bonus nor the added extra income over your entire career. This is also only taking into account the first year of your salary, the actual ROI on your interview preparation coaching would be much higher than this.

If this were a case interview, wouldn’t you make your final recommendation to the client to get coaching?


This investment is not unlike that of an education: $x in tuition compared to expected improved income potential. If you invested significant time and money in your education over 2 – 4 years, then you understand what Expected Value really means.

Testimonial from candidate who embarked on case interview preparation coaching with Ian Glennon

Comparative Costs - University Degree

That’s a great segway into the other (massive) cost you have incurred to try to get a job: University.

If you are an MBA candidate at a top 20 program, you have just dropped upwards of $200k on your education. If you are an undergraduate student at a top-tier university, you’ve spent upwards of $300k on your education.

When you compare a few thousand $ to coaching, in order to triple your odds of success, it almost seems short-sighted to not invest. Are you willing to risk not capitalizing on your degree, because of an extra 1% cost?

Comparative Costs - 0 ROI Spend

While a University degree has extensive costs, it’s also you spending on yourself in order to get a return on your money. However, think through all the expenses you have that are wants not needs. That have 0% return.

Coaching equals a new tv.

Coaching equals a flight for a vacation.

Coaching equals a few weeks of eating out.

While those activities are fun, they’re not helping your future. Just the signing bonus at MBB can reach $40k-$60k – enough to pay for 20 TVs, 20 flights, or years of eating out!

Sacrificing a very small amount of fun/enjoyment right now with 0 ROI for a huge payout is a no brainer – that can fund a very large amount of fun/enjoyment in the future.

Understanding the Need for Interview Preparation Coaching

Now, of course, coaching and seeking the guidance of an interview coach is not for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sell every single person on coaching; rather, I’ve just seen too many people  regret not investing in themselves, and ending up with no offer. It’s hard seeing so many people realize their mistake, but too late to rectify it.

That said, you can succeed on your own. Importantly, reflect on if you have the time, the resources, the innate ability to do this on your own. If you feel you do, and you think your odds alone are just as high as with coaching, then great!

If ALL of the below apply to you, coaching may not make sense to you

If even ONE of the below doesn’t apply to you, seriously consider coaching:

  1. You have always succeeded academically (top 5% percentile in university)
  2. You have always succeeded in interviews (they are no problem for you)
  3. You are time rich (multiple months of 10-20 hours/week free)
  4. You already have a business background and casing seems easy to you
  5. You have lots of interviews lined up (or expect to with a very strong resume, extensive networking/referrals and coming from a target school)

Tips for Choosing an Interview Coach

If you decide that interview preparation coaching is the right choice for you, there are several factors to consider when selecting an interview coach:

  • Experience: Ensure that the coach has relevant experience, both as an interviewer and in your industry or field.
  • Reviews: Look for coaches with positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  • Compatibility: Schedule a consultation or introductory session to determine if you feel comfortable working with the coach and if their coaching style aligns with your needs and goals.

Interview preparation coaching can be a valuable investment for candidates looking to improve their interview performance and increase their chances of success in the job market. By working with a professional coach, you can benefit from accelerated preparation, expert guidance, personalized attention, and long-term skill development. Consider your needs and goals when deciding if coaching is the right choice for you, and take the time to choose the right coach to ensure a successful outcome.

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