How to Answer “Walk Me Through Your Resume” – Comprehensive Guide with Sample Answers

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No matter where you are interviewing and no matter at what role/level, you should be prepared with answers for what I call the “Three Whys”. These are: Why Me (walk me through your resume), Why the Role (Why Consulting), and Why the Company. In this article I will talk you through how to answer one of these in particular: Walk me through your resume, i.e. Why Me.

Now, remember that this is 1 part of our 3 part series. As a reminder, all of these questions can be asked in a range of ways, but, regardless of the way they’re asked, your prepared answer should be ready to meet their question.

Walk Me Through Your Resume - Question Formats

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Remember that the Why Me resume walkthrough question can come in many forms. Some include:

  • Can you give me a brief overview of your resume?
  • Could you guide me through your career history?
  • Tell me about your professional journey up until now.
  • What experiences and achievements brought you here today?
  • Describe your professional progression for me.
  • Could you summarize your career path?
  • Let’s go over your resume together, could you start from your earliest professional experience?
  • I’d like to understand your career trajectory better. Could you explain it?
  • Give me a summary of your employment history.
  • How did your past roles lead you to apply for this position?

If you hear any of the above questions, be ready to go with your resume walkthrough answer.

How to Answer the Walk Me Through Your Resume Question - Key Steps

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When the interviewer asks you “walk me through your resume”, they are fundamentally asking “why should I hire you”. As such, we have to think of our resume walkthrough answer as asking the real question of Why Me. When you answer this question, you need to remember the following:

  • Aim to keep it chronological
  • Be concise – keep only the details that make you look good (I was promoted x times, led y, and worked across z)
  • Keep a theme of “why consulting”
    • At each stage of the journey, there was something you learned or gained (or lacked) that now leads perfectly to consulting.
  • Finish with: And that’s why I’m here today
A breakdown of how to create your answer to the "Why Me" or resume walkthrough question

Walk Me Through Your Resume Sample Answer

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I highly recommend you keep a shorthand version of your Why Me answer. This ensures you remember the essence and flow of your story.

An example of notes for the "Why Me" or resume walkthrough answer

From there, you can give a strong “walk me through your resume” answer, like the below:

Remember, we have a full course on the fit / behavioral portion of the interview. This is just scratching the surface, so if you want to truly learn it all, take a look here.

How to Practice and Prepare for This Question - And Stand Out

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Make sure to read our 5 Soft Skills article to ensure you put your best foot forward during the internview. 

To effectively prepare for this question:

  • Review your resume and identify the most relevant and impressive experiences and achievements.
  • Craft a concise, coherent answer following the suggested structure.
  • Practice your answer out loud, focusing on clarity, tone, and body language.
  • Practice you answer with a partner asking you various questions
  • Customize your answer for each organization to demonstrate genuine interest and knowledge about the company.
  • Practice your answer to ensure you are comfortable and confident in your response.
  • Speak in clear, coherent sentences with appropriate eye contact and body language.
  • Customize your answer for each organization to demonstrate genuine interest and knowledge about the company.


  • Avoid providing a lengthy, detailed monologue that simply restates your resume.
  • Do not skip over relevant experiences or achievements.
  • Refrain from memorizing your answer, which can make you sound robotic or overly rehearsed.
  • Avoid speaking too quickly or using excessive filler words such as “um” or “like.”

And, of course, don’t forget our Behavioral Key Principles!

Key principles for effectively answering questions during your fit interview

By following these guidelines and using the sample answers as a reference, you will be well-prepared to tackle the “walk me through your resume” question during your interviews, effectively conveying your skills, experiences, and fit with the organization.

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